Thank you

Three years ago, we set out to change the veterinary industry for the better. We believe that we have made a big difference toward this goal so it is with a heavy heart that we announce as of 03/25/2020, we will be halting our services and operations. During our time at Vetted, we believe that we have made a real difference for our clients and furry friends, and it’s been incredibly rewarding to provide services to our caring pet-owners.  While we have been able to grow this company over the past few years, the challenges of successfully scaling a startup in our industry are staggering. 

Due to these reasons and the uncertainty of COVID-19, we have decided that it was best for us to shut down operations as our model was no longer sustainable. We would like to thank you all for welcoming us into your homes to treat your pets and for supporting us over the past three years.  While we are sad that this chapter in our lives must come to a close, we feel lucky that we had the opportunity to explore an alternative model to a very traditional business and walk away with great memories and learnings.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. For additional questions please contact